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Our Managing Team.

The Ramos Research Institute is committed to excellence in all that we do and that begins with our team. On this page, you will be able to find the managing team and support members. Each photograph is clickable and will take you to that individuals LinkedIn page.

Alejandro J. Ramos is an experienced professional with a background in policy analysis and research. Before founding The Ramos Research Institute (RRI), he worked as a research assistant at Sacred Heart University under the guidance of Dr. Gary L. Rose. During this time, he contributed to the completion of a research project on Connecticut’s Republican Party, showcasing his research skills and dedication to academic work.


Mr. Ramos has also made significant contributions to academic journals and conferences through his publications, indicating his expertise in his chosen field. Additionally, he is actively working on his first manuscript,  The Great Realignment: Investigating the American Hispanic and Latino Vote which is intended for future publication.


His areas of expertise have spanned a diverse range of critical topics, from American political and governing institutions, public policy, higher education initiatives, and the voting behavior of minority groups.


Currently, Mr. Ramos holds the position of Brooks Public Policy Fellow at the Cornell Jeb E. Brooks School of Public Policy. In this capacity, he is further honing his skills and knowledge in the field of public policy.


As the founding Director of The Ramos Research Institute, Mr. Ramos will play a key leadership role within the organization. His responsibilities include overseeing all research initiatives related to state and local government, education policies and initiatives, and the voting behaviors of minorities. With his experience and dedication, Alejandro is well-suited to drive the research agenda, contribute valuable insights to these critical areas of study and foster partnerships among key stakeholders in the field.

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