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Our Mission

The Ramos Research Institute is committed to conducting original research, polling, and policy analysis on the most pressing problems of our time. Our mission is to provide actionable insights and policy recommendations to tackle these wicked problems and create a better future for all.

We believe that research is a vital tool to drive positive change in the world. Our team of  researchers and analysts work together to identify key issues and develop innovative solutions. We specialize in original research, polling, and policy analysis and focus on areas such as education policy, higher education, climate change, sustainable development, and voting behaviors. We are dedicated to making a meaningful impact on the world through our research and initiatives. Join us in our mission to create a better future for all.

Our Current Projects


A Path to Informed Democracy: Bridging Civic Engagement and Media Literacy

This study examines the vital link between civic engagement and media literacy in today's information-driven society. In our digital landscape, the capacity to assess, interpret, and generate media content profoundly impacts informed civic involvement. Our research delves into this dynamic relationship, spotlighting media literacy as pivotal for active and conscientious citizenship. We explore how media literacy influences individual and collective civic participation, illuminating ways to nurture a participatory democracy. Synthesizing existing studies with our survey, we aim to unveil the fusion of these elements, empowering individuals to make informed choices and enhance society. Ultimately, this study aims to furnish insights and recommendations for policymakers, educators, and media professionals, advocating for media literacy as a fundamental tool for effective civic engagement in the digital era. 


Rising Costs in U.S.
Higher Education

Coming Soon!


The Economics and Environmental Impacts of Fast Fashion

Coming Soon!

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