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The Ramos Research Institute Welcomes a Cohort of Exceptional Interns

Updated: Dec 19, 2023


Ithaca, New York— December 13, 2023 —Ramos Research Institute (RRI) proudly announces the addition of a dynamic group of interns, each bringing diverse backgrounds and expertise to our esteemed institution. These interns represent a fusion of academic prowess, practical experience, and an unwavering dedication to effecting positive change.

Among the select research assistants joining us is Emma Grady, a driven student from Sacred Heart University. Emma's dedication to political science, human rights, and public relations has been showcased through her rigorous academic journey and active involvement in political campaigns. Her commitment to social justice and her vision of utilizing law as a tool for advocacy stand as pillars of her aspirations.

Jenna Luisa Boccher from the University of Pennsylvania embodies a passion for empowering individuals and fostering change. Her extensive research endeavors, coupled with her advocacy within the non-profit sector, underscore her commitment to inclusivity and equitable legislation.


Haley Dymek from American University brings her expertise in economics and an ardent curiosity for cultural studies. Her exploration of the economics of soft power and her linguistic pursuits highlight her dedication to understanding global interconnectedness.


Brandon Soung, a senior at UCLA, has delved into the politics of globalization and excelled in quantitative data analysis. His commitment to collaborative research and his drive to stretch the boundaries of scientific knowledge are evident in his academic journey.


Ashli DeMaria from Fordham University, driven by her passion for psychology and social justice, endeavors to comprehend the human mind while advocating for marginalized communities.


Noelle Puvak from Occidental College showcases a broad spectrum of interests spanning legislative reform, international relations, and human development. Her global upbringing has ignited her passion for global affairs and legislative reform.

Abhinav Iyer, a freshman at The University of Michigan studying Political Science, brings a wealth of experience in diplomatic research and journalism, showcasing a commitment to policy development and social work.


Nafisa Ruponty from the University of Florida, with a focus on public relations, brings her expertise in strategic communication. She will serve as RRI’s Public Relations Intern. Her dedication to healthcare PR and crafting compelling narratives highlights her commitment to shaping positive brand perceptions.


The Ramos Research Institute eagerly welcomes this cohort of interns, anticipating their valuable contributions and innovative perspectives. Their collective dedication to effecting change aligns seamlessly with our institution's ethos of research-driven solutions for societal challenges.

To read each intern's full biography click below:

RRI S24 Intern Class
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About Ramos Research Institute (RRI):

The Ramos Research Institute (RRI) is an emerging research institution dedicated to original research, polling, and policy analysis aimed at addressing today's most complex societal challenges. Founded by Alejandro J. Ramos, RRI is committed to providing innovative solutions and insights in critical research areas. RRI conducts research in state and local government, environmental policy, education policies and initiatives, and the voting behaviors of minorities, with a focus on rigorous, relevant, and impactful research.



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