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RRI Announces Inaugural Intern Cohort After Receiving Over 350 Applications

Updated: Dec 12, 2023


 Ithaca, New York— November 14, 2023 — Ramos Research Institute (RRI), an emerging institution dedicated to original research, polling, and policy analysis, is delighted to introduce its inaugural cohort of Research Assistant Interns. This milestone comes after a highly competitive recruitment cycle that saw an impressive pool of over 350 applicants vying for the opportunity to be a part of RRI's dynamic research team.


RRI's commitment to fostering emerging talents and the next generation of research and policy leaders is reflected in the establishment of its Research Assistant Internship program. This program offers a unique opportunity for aspiring individuals to gain hands-on experience and work alongside RRI's experts in addressing complex societal challenges.


The inaugural Research Assistant Intern class, comprised of 6 exceptional individuals, represents a diverse and highly talented group with varied academic backgrounds and areas of expertise. Selected through a rigorous and competitive selection process, these interns have demonstrated not only their dedication to research but also their potential to make a substantial impact in their chosen fields. RRI will also be onboarding a Public Relations intern.


The enthusiastic response to RRI's call for Research Assistant Intern applications underscores the institute's reputation for conducting impactful research in areas such as state and local government, environmental policy, education policies, and voting behaviors among minority populations. It highlights the strong interest among emerging talents to contribute to these vital fields.


During their internships, these promising individuals will have the opportunity to collaborate on meaningful research projects that align with RRI's core areas of expertise. They will work closely with seasoned professionals, gaining valuable experience, insights, and mentorship that will equip them with the skills and knowledge to contribute to research and policy analysis in significant ways.


"We are thrilled to welcome our inaugural Research Assistant Intern cohort to Ramos Research Institute," said Alejandro J. Ramos, founder of RRI. "The overwhelming response to our first recruitment cycle underscores the enthusiasm and dedication of the next generation of researchers and policy analysts. Never in our wildest dreams did we expect to attract 376 applicants. We have every confidence that the selected interns will make invaluable contributions to our ongoing mission of informed decision-making and driving positive societal change. We are excited to introduce you to the inaugural intern cohort in the coming weeks!"


The Research Assistant Internship program at RRI is designed to provide an immersive and collaborative environment where interns can actively engage in the institute's groundbreaking research initiatives, participate in workshops and seminars, and receive guidance from RRI's esteemed experts.


The inaugural Research Assistant Intern cohort will be engaged in a wide range of projects, from data analysis and policy evaluation to survey research and public opinion analysis. Their contributions will play a pivotal role in advancing RRI's mission to address complex societal challenges through rigorous research and analysis.


Ramos Research Institute is committed to making a lasting impact on society through data-driven research, and the arrival of its inaugural Research Assistant Intern cohort is a significant step toward achieving this goal. By investing in and nurturing young talent, RRI is poised to contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge and policy development.


For more information about Ramos Research Institute, its Research Assistant Internship program, and its ongoing research initiatives, please visit or contact us at




About Ramos Research Institute (RRI):

The Ramos Research Institute (RRI) is an emerging research institution dedicated to original research, polling, and policy analysis aimed at addressing today's most complex societal challenges. Founded by Alejandro J. Ramos, RRI is committed to providing innovative solutions and insights in critical research areas. RRI conducts research in state and local government, environmental policy, education policies and initiatives, and the voting behaviors of minorities, with a focus on rigorous, relevant, and impactful research.



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