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Meet Our Spring 2024 Interns

Each Photo Takes You to Their LinkedIn Profile When Clicked

This section of the website features profiles of former Ramos Research Institute (RRI) interns, organized by their respective cohorts. Clicking on their names will take you to their LinkedIn pages.

Inaugural Intern Cohort - Spring 2024

Jenna Luisa Boccher '25 - University of Pennsylvania

Ashli DeMaria '24 - Fordham University

Haley Dymek '24 - American University

Emma Grady '24 - Sacred Heart University

Abhinav Iyer '27 - The University of Michigan

Noelle Puvak '26 - Occidental College

Nafisa Ruponty '25 - The University of Florida

Brandon Soung '24 - The University of California: Los Angeles

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